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Henry Kono Aikido

I didn’t get to train with Henry (he did not like to be called sensei) as long as some of his other students.  Like his other students, though, his insight and teaching of aikido left a lasting and profound impact on those he taught, myself included.

It forever changed the way I approach both my aikido and martial arts training.

Somewhere I have some video of Henry.  Not doing aikido on the mats, but a rare capture of some time on a short break off the mats.  When I find it. i will share it here.  For now, enjoy this wonderful article:


Henry Kono

William Stynetski

Tanto Waza at Aikido Plano Dojo (bladed weapon application)

Aikido comes from a long history of many different styles of jujutsu. Although not always in line with the accepted underlying philosophies of aikido, it is important to understand where aikido comes from. As such, every now and then my own exposure to traditional jujutsu does get mixed in with my aikido classes.

This is some tanto waza, or knife technique.  Not defending against a knife, but defending against a potentially life ending kick from the attacker.

Here we are not concerned with justifying the use of deadly force or how much force is acceptable under current law.  In this case, these techniques were designed to dispose of an enemy on the battlefield as quickly as possible, and we practice them through completion of the kata.

William Stynetski


Aikido Hanka Waza and Sutemi Waza – Yokomenuchi Koshinage Hanka Yoko Otoshi

Nice example of using a hanka waza to sutemi waza when a koshinage does not quite pan out.  My uke here has about 75 pounds on me, and in aikido application, there should not be a struggle to make a technique work.


Blast From the Past

Came across this old photo the other day. That’s me in the middle.

Aikido Plano Dojo Me and 2 Shihan

To my right, Shihan Sosa, and to my left Shihan Park.


Are adults allowed to strike children in martial arts?

I hit mine all the time to show where and how they are open.

It isn’t a death blow, if it is to the face, it is a tap on the forehead. I have also used a fist making connection to the jaw line, again not a strike per say, but I simply place my fist along their jaw and keep it their a couple of seconds. I may also use it to push through, turning their head a bit.

For the body it is a little different. I usually will target the ribs or the chest, and use just enough force for them to squirm if it is to the ribs, and a decent little thump if it is to the chest. To the chest, I am not looking for any kind of force or power, but more wanting the nice thud sound effect.82bbcd1a7e1621a0db451a5f2c4a3ee3

At the same time I show them how to correct their position to reduce the chances of being hit again. It may take a few times, but eventually they get it.

I also encourage them to strike me from time to time exposing my own openings to them (or what would be the openings of a potential attacker).

This does not always fare so well for me, because they have not yet learned to control their power, but so be it.

William Stynetski


I’m a 16 years old guy who has never played a single video game in his entire life and wants to start. What games must I play?

Wow…I have been playing them for about 32 years, since I was 6 years old when the first Atari came out…and before that it was pinball machines with me up on a stool, lol.

There aren’t any that you must play, really. It all depends what you like and what your interests are. If you like strategy, or maybe first person shooter games, or the idea of building your own world…those games are out there.

I would suggest, if you have a laptop or computer, that you get a Steam account. They have tons of games and a ton of free games, including PS4 and XBOX games for PC, all in one place for you to check out. Create an Account

These are also categorized, so if you are looking for a strategy game, you search under strategy, and so on.

Maybe you like sports games? Or science fiction controlling your own fleet of intergalactic battle cruisers is something that suits you.

Maybe slaying dragons or zombies is more your style.

One I am currently playing is Robocraft. It is free, and basically you design and equip your own tank or flying vehicle and go into battle with other players online…design, build, battle. It’s pretty fun.

I really like MMORPGs…massive multiplayer online role playing games as well. One that I have been playing for about 13 years is Runescape. It isnt on Steam, but you can find it at http://www.runescape.com

Really though there are so many out there you just have to try some out that might interest you. Or if you already have some friends that play a certain game you can join them. That way they can give you tips and ideas about how to play the game and it can save some time in learning the layout of the game and learning how to play it.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

William Stynetski